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Fleet Card Acceptance



What Are Fleet Cards?
  Many businesses including Government entities have company cars that an employee drives.  Instead of having the employee use their own funds to pay for car repair, maintenance, and gasoline, the employer will get a fleet account setup.  These cards will only work at specified locations pertaining to vehicle maintenance.  Visa and Mastercard issue fleet cards but there are also specialized card issuers such as Voyager, Wright Express, Fuel Man, and Fuel One that issue cards as well.
The Fleet Card Demand
The demand fleet card holders have for businesses to accept their card is very high.  Paramount Payment Systems will add your business name and address to the acceptance locator web page of each fleet card issuer.  This makes it easy for the fleet card holders to find your business in order to use their fleet card. This reduces time for the card holders to spend on the phone or driving to different businesses asking if they can use their fleet card.  
Fleet Card Acceptance
  Since these cards can only be accepted at participating locations, Paramount Payment Systems is here to assist your business in giving you the ability to accept more forms of payment.  Limiting your payment types also means limiting your customer base. Accepting these extra forms of payment will create brand awareness marketing of your business, increase sales and traffic, and increase customer service by allowing your customers to use their preferred form of payment.  
Benefits of Accepting Fleet Cards
  • Increase customer base and traffic
  • Market your business on the fleet card company websites
  • Increase customer service by accepting more forms of payment
  • Create loyal business alliances that have multiple vehicles