On The Go

Mobile Payment Solution

  • Access to Cost Rates
  • Low Flat Discount % Varies on Industry & Volume
  • Next Day Funding
  • Online Reporting
  • PCI Compliance Assistance
  • Basic Mobile Payment Acceptance or Mobile POS Payment Solutions Available
  • Instant Access to Payment Processing – From Anywhere
  • Receive Lowest Cost Rates by Swiping Cards
  • Email Receipts
  • Bluetooth Receipt Printers Available
  • For use with IOS and Android Devices

If your customers are paying you as you are out in the field, Paramount Payment Systems can provide you a mobile swiper that can connect with any IOS or Android based device that allows for the ease of swiping credit cards. This will be a time saving solution as well as a comfort to your clients for not having to phone in or write down their card data to input later. You will also reap the benefits of getting a less expensive rate for swiping the card rather than having the card info keyed in.