Agriculture Loans for Peace of Mind


Loans Made for Farmers

Loans not based on personal credit, no collateral and flat interest rates eases transition without disruption to business

Quick, Easy Approval

Paramount’s agriculture loans only require: One year minimum and at least $30,000 in revenues. We strive to get you approved in as little as 24 hours

Smart, Winter Assurance

Loans based off of previous income, apply during peak season for loans to last you through slow winter months

How Can Paramount Payment Systems Help Your Agriculture Business?

  • Extra money during slow winter months for supplies during off months
  • Based off of the previous three months of bank deposits
  • Low minimum requirements; One year in business and at least $30,000 in revenues
  • Smoother transition into peak season

Don’t Wait!

…Because Paramount Payment Systems does not look at your personal credit score, we base our loan eligibility on the businesses previous three months of bank deposits and time in business. Since historically the agriculture industry has decreased revenues during the winter months, secure your loan early by applying with high bank revenues now!