Dual Pricing

From Paramount Payment Systems

Increase your profit by up to 4%.

With Dual pricing you don’t need to pay monthly merchant fees any longer.

With Paramount’s Dual pricing program, you will enjoy the same profit margins from dual pricing as you do from CASH payments
POS terminal in a heap of receipts. Payment for a lot of expenses or purchases concept.

We Provide You with What You Need

  • Dual Pricing POS System.
  • eCommerce Dual Pricing. 
  • Desktop equipment Dual Pricing enabled.
  • Mobile App for Dual Pricing.

Benefits of Dual Pricing

  • $0 merchant % fees
  • $0 merchant transaction fees
  • Up to 4% increase in sales margin
  • Payment options for your customers

How Does Dual Pricing Work?

Because of the rising costs of accepting credit cards, merchants nationwide have begun to adopt a dual pricing payment acceptance program.   You probably first began to see it at gas stations nationwide,  “Cash Price, Credit Price”.   These gas stations were all using a Visa/MasterCard approved form of Dual pricing.   

Now, business owners of all types are seeing the benefits of dual pricing no matter if they are

brick and mortar


or mobile.

They all can offer the option of paying with cash/check/e-check or credit card.

At the point of sale, the customer can choose between a cash price for your product or service and a credit price.  Like the gas stations the cash price reflects a discount to the customer.

This enables business owners to accept credit cards without having to come out of pocket to pay for the processing of the transaction, which, depending on the transaction size can be a very expensive monthly cost.

What types of businesses currently use Dual Pricing?




e-Commerce Retail






Mobile service

Mobile retail

Business to Business

Large ticket sales

Small ticket sales

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