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E-Commerce for Your Business

As more people become internet savvy, online shopping is set to surpass $6.5 Trillion in 2023.
Paramount Payment Systems provides direct credit card processing integrations with numerous e-commerce based platforms, shopping carts, and gateways. The Paramount Payment Systems e-commerce solution to best fit your needs will depend on the current online presence of your business.

    Limited Online Presence

    If you have no website, or your existing website lacks in design or functionality, Paramount Payment Systems provides an all-in-one e-commerce solution through BigCommerce with integrated credit card processing and optional electronic check (e-check) integration.

    Existing Website & Shopping Cart

    If you have an existing website built with a shopping cart in place, Paramount Payment Systems can provide credit card processing and e-check integration. Providing multiple internet gateway solutions, Paramount Payment Systems bridges your credit card processing with your website’s shopping cart through an easy-to-implement API. Paramount Payment System’s most versatile gateway is Authorize.net.


      BigCommerce comes with a range of customizable templates to help you design a premium online store. Create your website to sell both physical and digital goods. Use BigCommerce marketing tools to help build awareness. The BigCommerce platform is simple enough to use by business owners without much web design background, and it also allows more tech-savvy users and developers to tweak the HTML and CSS of their online store specifics.

      Build the Ultimate Shopping Experience

      A revolutionary design platform to create online stores that engage shoppers and help increase opportunities for more sales. Choose from the best responsive e-commerce templates on the market. Provide an optimal viewing experience to all shoppers across all devices (i.e. mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.). The BigCommerce platform provides a full spectrum of flexibility to also allow for the creation of completely customized sites.

      Increase Sales with the Latest Features

      Marketing and conversion tools can help drive more traffic, convert more visitors, and seamlessly sell on multiple channels (Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Instagram, among others) from a single location.

      Top-Notch Performance

      Paramount Payment System’s BigCommerce solution provides performance, stability, and sites that load quickly for maximum conversion.

      Designed to Optimize ROI

      Using the BigCommerce cloud-based platform means that there will be less time spent managing technology; and more time to focus on growing the business. Receive regular platform updates with new, cutting-edge features to help generate more sales.


        A wholly-owned subsidiary of VISA, Authorize.net has over 900 technology integrations and more than 400 certified technology partners. Authorize.net provides so much more than just a solution to integrate card acceptance with your e-commerce site.

        Tokenization is a method where sensitive credit card numbers are substituted with a non-sensitive unique string of numbers.

        Customer Information Manager
        Manage your customer information, including customer credit card payment tokenization information, for future use.

        Recurring Billing
        Create recurring billing schedules relating to a customer or subscriber’s stored payment information.

        Electronic Invoicing
        Generate digital invoices with a unique simple hyperlink. Electronically send out for quick payment. Draft invoices for sending later and view the payment status for invoices already sent.

        Mobile Payment Acceptance
        Use a Bluetooth chip reader with your mobile device to accept and capture card payments on the go. Bluetooth chip readers are available from Paramount Payment Systems.

        Virtual Terminal
        Key in transactions or use the mobile swiper with its USB cable with your computer or laptop for card capture.

        Account Updater
        This add-on feature allows you to automatically update customers’ card-on-file information once a month.

        Advanced Fraud Management
        Identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions using over a dozen customizable, rules-based fraud filters.

        QuickBooks Integration
        Save valuable time and money by automatically importing settled transactions directly into an existing QuickBooks account.

        Simple Checkout
        Create website “BUY NOW” and “DONATE” buttons by simply copying and pasting Authorize.net code. This is a perfect solution for donation sites and businesses selling a single solution.

        This add-on service provides electronic check (e-check) acceptance from websites or through the Authorize.net Virtual Terminal to expand the payment options available to customers.