Gift & Loyalty Card Services

“Acquire New Customers – Retain Existing Customers”


  • Easy – No Customer Login Required to Pay
  • Custom and Pre-Designed Gift Card Options Available
  • Direct Implementation with Credit Card Processor – No Third Party Necessary
  • Attract New Customers
  • Larger Sales Transactions
  • New Form of Revenue
  • Customer Gift Card Assignment
  • Online Reporting and Tracking
  • Great for Holidays and Special Occasions

Gift Cards are all about the perception of value. The problem with gift certificates is their perceived value being similar to a coupon. You can now throw away your gift certificate booklet and rely on actual Gift Cards that look and feel just like any credit card your customer may be carrying.

Gift Cards can be a key solution for driving new customers to your business. What better way than using your existing customers as a means of referring their friends or family to you by giving them the ability to purchase a Gift Card.

With options of personalizing text on a selection of predesigned Gift Cards or simply creating your own custom design, Gift Cards can be an easy program to implement at your business with little effort involved.

  • Custom and Pre-Designed Loyalty Card Options Available
  • Direct Implementation with Credit Card Processor – No Third Party Necessary
  • Retain Customers through Rewards
  • Premium Marketing with Custom Cards
  • Track Customer Spending
  • Point-Based System
  • Personalize Rewards and Point Requirements
  • Online Reporting and Tracking

People visit their pocketbooks at least once a day, if not more. There is no better environment to make your customers aware of your business on a constant basis. Providing your customers with a Loyalty Card will create more of an impact than you think by creating brand awareness every time they reach for payment.

Loyalty Cards generate rewards. This is how you can set your business apart from your competition. Customers will prefer to drive the extra distance or pay the additional amount for an item simply because they know they will be generating a reward by doing so.

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