Expand your payment acceptance options and grow your business

Reduce Merchant Fees, Guaranteed

Merchants can reduce their merchant service rate by 20-95% by implementing cost plus pricing or a dual pricing strategy.

Payment Acceptance Options

Paramount Payment Systems offers various payment options, including virtual terminals, text/email invoicing, POS systems, and desktop terminals.

Business Loans

Paramount Payment Systems offers affordable loans for small businesses, based on business health instead of owner's credit, ask about 0% interest loans.

Customer Financing

Offer customer financing to receive full payment upfront while reducing overall costs of credit card processing. Your Customer gets to pay over time

About Us

Paramount Payment Systems, a leading payment processing company based in Boise, Idaho, offers innovative and reliable solutions for credit card processing, cash discounting, and POS systems to businesses of all sizes. With over 20 years of experience, they also provide e-commerce, mobile payment, e-check, customer financing, and business loans. Paramount Payment Systems helps businesses optimize their payment systems and reduce costs with tailored solutions, including flat fee credit card processing, affordable rates, and exceptional customer service. Their cutting-edge technology makes them a trusted partner for businesses in various industries. Contact Paramount Payment Systems today to learn more about their payment solutions.


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Payment processing solutions for businesses, including credit card processing, cash discounting, POS systems, e-commerce, mobile payment, e-check, financing, and loans.

Dual Pricing

Get rid of merchant fees for good. Offer two ways to pay. Cash and Credit.

0% Interest Business Loan

Give us your credit card processing and reduce your loan rate up to 0% interest.

Paramount POS

Inventory, appointment setting and reminders, employee management, customer Management

Medical/Dental Financing

Patient financing up to $25,000. Doctor gets full sale up front

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Start Saving

Talk to a Paramount Payment Systems specialist who can show you how to save money in several ways, including offering flat fee credit card processing, cash discounting programs, and cost-effective POS systems. They also provide tailored payment solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses, helping to optimize payment systems and reduce costs. Additionally, they offer business loans and can consolidate existing loans into more affordable loan products.

Dual Pricing Merchant Services
95% Savings
Cost plus Merchant Services
20% Savings
Credit Card Processing backed Business Loans
Up to 0% interest on loan
Paramount POS System
30% monthly savings