Financing your customer will increase sales

Give financing for your customers that would allow them to split the purchase or service into small monthly payments.

With Paramount Payment System’s in-house customer financing options the question of, how do I offer credit to my customers? is finally answered.

We all know a neighbor or family member that has been affected by financial issues. We have all seen the banking industry tighten their belts when offering credit. As business owners we have to change with the environment or get left behind.

For example, businesses did not always accept credit cards but demand from customers required businesses to accept credit cards as a form of payment or lose  business to a competitor who does accept credit cards. It allowed the customer to make small payments each month on their card.

As credit has become harder to acquire, many customers have not been able to utilize credit cards and are looking for alternatives like someone who is offering financing.

Ask yourself, with all the changes that have taken place in financial America, what sets me apart from my competition? Offering financing to customers is a great way to attract business and be different from your competitors.

Paramount Payment Systems can set you up with customer financing programs that fit your business and your customer’s needs. Your customer will have the luxury of being able to make payments that fit their needs while you are able to get your money up front for the product or service rendered, not to mention building your client base and growing your sales and your company.


Paramount Payment Systems short term in-house customer financing programs are not underwritten like a conventional loan. We look at the customer’s ability to re-pay the loan not what their credit score looks like. We have found, in the current credit environment that many consumers may have a poor credit score but still have the ability to pay. We can approve 50-60% of your customers that would normally be turned down by traditional customer finance companies.

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