Offer financing as an option to your customers and allow them to split their purchase into small monthly payments

  • Up to 12 month payment options
  • $5000 Maximum*
  • Get paid for sale UP FRONT
  • Huge up selling opportunity
*Funeral Homes and Plastic Surgeons = $7500 Max

In House Customer Financing

customer-financingWith Paramount Payment System’s in-house customer financing option the question of, How do I offer financing to my customers at no risk to me? is finally answered. The consumer financing landscape is always changing. As business owners we have to change with the environment or get left behind. For example, businesses didn’t always accept credit cards but the financial environment along with the demand from customers required businesses to accept credit cards as a form of payment or lose their business to a competitor who would accept credit cards. By accepting Credit Cards businesses allow their customers to make small payments each month on what they owe. But what happens when a customer doesn’t have cash or credit?

customer-financingWith all the businesses out there like yours, what sets you apart from your competition? In house financing is a great way to attract customers and be different from your competitors. Paramount Payment Systems can set you up with a short term financing program that will fit your business and your customer’s needs. Your customer will have the luxury of being able to make payments that fit their budget while you are able to get your money up front for the product or service you sell, not to mention building your client base and growing your sales and your company. OFFER FINANCING, IT WORKS!

customer-financingParamount Payment Systems looks at the customer’s ability to pay not what their credit score looks like. Many consumers may have a poor credit score but still have the ability to pay. Your customer’s credit score does not matter. Fill out the form to the right to have a Finance specialist call you and go over your options as a business owner.

The answer to the question, How can I offer financing to my customers? Is, Paramount Payment Systems short term financing program!

100 customers walk in your door and 50 of them will have cash or credit to pay for your product or service. What happens to the other 50 customers? If you are an average retailer they are walking out the door without buying. Their excuses vary but it all comes down to their inability to come up with the needed cash or credit to buy today.