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Using   Credit Cards to Enhance Your Business

“I don’t have collateral”, “I don’t want to put up collateral”

Many do not realize that getting a working capital loan through a company like Paramount Payment Systems is simple. Unlike traditional banking loans, working capital loans do not require collateral. Qualification is mainly based on the business’ cash flow and their ability to pay back the loan showing Paramount’s primary belief that your business making money is key. Due to the alternate qualifiers, there is a much faster turn around time… sometimes in as little as 24 hours! Real estate collateralized loans are available though!


“I will not be approved because of my poor credit”, “My credit is perfect, I can be approved for any loan”

Although the working capital industry approves around 65% of applicants as opposed to traditional banking’s, 20-30%, there are still requirements that need to be met. The difference in a working capital loan mainly focuses on the financial merits of a company rather than the personal pitfalls of the signer. As proof, we ask that applicants submit their last three months of bank statements which eases the process and allows your business to get their loan faster.

“I could use funds but I can’t wait weeks or months for approval”

You’ve come to the right place! Many apply for traditional business bank loans only to find the process could take weeks or, even months for approval. Generally the process of loan approval within traditional business bank loans takes 60-90 days. When you need a loan, your business doesn’t have time to waste! With working capital loans through a company like Paramount Payment Systems, your business can receive money in as little as 24 hours!