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What is a Working Capital Loan?

Typical Working Capital Loans tend range from three to 24 months. These loans are often used for specific, shorter-term projects such as purchasing inventory, launching marketing campaigns, short-term payroll coverage or general working capital. Because these loans are not based on collateral, the money can be used as the business owner sees fit to best help their business.

A major benefit of Working Capital Loans is how easy it is to apply for a loan. Applications are usually just a single page, and tend to be very straightforward. They can be completed online, over the phone, by email or via fax. There are certain things you’ll need for non-bank lenders, including:

Your Social Security number

Your Business Tax ID

Connection to your business bank account, or paper bank statements

Financial statements (typically for larger loan sizes $100k+)

Another advantage to working with a trusted lender like Paramount Payment System is the quickness of the review process. The short term working capital loans can often have a decision in minutes or hours. In a world where an application for financing in a traditional setting can take weeks or even months, the speed and simplicity offered by Paramount Payment Systems is a major attraction for many business owners.

Working Capital Loans have much higher approval rates and can provide funding far quicker than traditional lenders. The rates will vary based on term, the health of your business, your industry and general risk. Working Capital Loans rates are also a fixed percentage, not annual percentage rate (APR) and often can be competitive or even cost less than a perceived lower APR. For example, a $100,000 Working Capital Loan may have a flat rate of 25% and paid back over 2 years. The total interest is $25,000. A similar $100,000 with a perceived lower 15% APR paid back over 4 years would end up charging over $33,500 in interest.

Qualifications and Requirements for Working Capital Loans

Required time in business: usually at least 1 year, can be as little as 6 months

Minimum annual revenue: $75,000 – $100,000

Minimum personal credit score: 450 – 500

Bank Funding Obstacles

All lending institutions focus mainly on a business’ quality of earnings. The main reason small businesses are denied funding from traditional avenues, like your bank, are due to insufficient collateral, debt load, and lack of personal credit.


How Does Paramount Compare

Paramount will mainly focus on your company’s ability to pay. Collateral, debt load, and lack of personal credit are not main contributing factors in getting you approved.


● Funds Available in as little as 24 Hrs.

● Personal Credit NOT a Major Factor

● No Fund Usage Restrictions

● Flexible Payment Options


Your Bank

● Funds available in weeks or months

● Personal Credit IS a Major Factor

● Use of Funds can be Limited

● One Payment Option

Top 3 Misconceptions of Working Capital


“I Don’t Have Collateral” or “I Don’t Want to Put Up Collateral”

Many do not realize that getting a working capital loan through a company like Paramount Payment Systems is simple. Unlike traditional bank loans that require collateral, a Working Capital Loan does not. It is mainly based on a business’ cash flow. Showing that the business is making money is key, and it alleviates a lot of stress of having to tie up property or assets.


“I Will Not be Approved because of My Poor Credit” or “My Credit is Perfect, I Will Be Approved for any Loan”

Although the working capital industry does approve around 65% of applicants compared to traditional banking’s 20-30%, there are still requirements to be met. They are just different. When mainly focusing on the financial merits of a company rather than personal pitfalls of the signer, a whole new world opens up.


“I Could Use Funds but I Can’t Wait Weeks or Months for Approval”

Many apply for traditional bank business loans, only to find out months later if they have been approved and when funds will be available; generally 60-90 days. With a Working Capital Loan through a company like Paramount Payment Systems you can receive funds in a significantly shorter amount of time, even as little as 24 Hours in many instances!

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