Retail Point of Sale

  • Access to Cost Rates
  • Low Flat Discount % Varies on Industry & Volume
  • Next Day Funding
  • Online Reporting
  • PCI Compliance Assistance


  • Standard PC POS and IPAD POS Systems Available
  • POS Mobility – Leverage Existing Devices
  • Track Inventory
  • Customer Management & Assignment
  • View Sales & Profitability Analytics at a Glance
  • Integrated Email Marketing – Bulk & Auto Campaigns
  • Dashboards & Reports in Real-Time
  • Most Functionality and Options


  • Innovative Processing Equipment Available
  • RF Reader Integration for “Pay Wave” and “Pay Pass”
  • Smart Card Chip Reader s for EMV Standards
  • Basic Magnetic Strip Reader Included
  • Robust Memory to Hold Multiple Applications
  • Reliable Hardware Manufacturers
  • PCI Compliant
  • Universal – Not Tied to a Specific Processing Company


  • Access Payment Processing – From Anywhere
  • Internet Based Online Payment Terminal
  • No Software Necessary
  • Hand-Key Transactions or Utilize a USB Card Reader
  • Schedule Recurring Payments
  • Customizable User Permission Levels
  • Store Customer Payment Information Offsite

Paramount Payment Systems has many retail credit card processing solutions that vary on your business needs. The PC POS and Ipad POS systems allow you to do the most with your data you acquire over time as well as provide basic cash register needs and inventory management. These programs can be software or cloud based systems depending on your needs. Basic terminals are also available that meet new card acceptance requirements that pertain to the bank liability shift. Virtual Terminals are made available as well through payment processing gateways or by your credit card processor of choice. These are internet based solutions that only require a username and password for access. With these solutions and many more, Paramount Payment Systems aims to satisfy all your payment processing needs.