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Commerical Trucking Loans for YOUR Needs

Whether you need a loan to hire additional help, purchase new equipment or help advance your small business, our customers come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our commercial trucking loans are here to help you wherever your business brings you.


Keeping you Moving

With such a growing economy, Paramount understands the need to keep your freight moving. Stay on the road and let Paramount handle the rest with our easy commerical trucking loans!

Quick, Easy Approval

Trucking loans with Paramount Payment Systems require: Three years minimum in business and with at least 3 trucks in opperation. Our approval process is fast and made with YOU in mind! 


Easy Application with Quick Decisions


Our no obligation pre-qualification takes minutes to complete. Apply now!


Get an Offer


We find the best funding solution for your trucking business and contact you to discuss options based on revenue deposits, time in business and negative days.



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Financing up to $500,000 and recieve money in as little as 24 hours!




  • Minimum of 3 years in business. Most major banks require 3-5 years in business however we understand that financial situations happen regardless of time in business.
  • Three Truck Minimum.
  • Not based on personal credit history. Don’t sacrifice your personal credit, Paramount solely relies on the businesses ability to pay back the loan.
  • No collateral, no problem. Paramount does not require business owners to submit collateral to take out a loan.